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What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation in CT?

In many cases of marriage dissolution, divorce mediation in CT is ideal. There are many benefits to traditional divorce lawyer alternatives like mediation that can offer everyone a satisfactory resolution. Veteran Connecticut family attorney Heidi Opinsky discusses the advantages of divorce mediation below.  

Advantages of Divorce Mediation in CT 

Reduced Cost of Divorce 

Mediating your divorce instead of litigating it can help you reduce the overall cost of divorce in CT. This is usually because mediation tends to be much faster than litigation, as well as less contentious. Both spouses can meet together with a neutral third party to discuss the various matters of the separation, such as CT property division, child custody and support, alimony, etc. Together with their mediator, a divorcing couple presents a divorce agreement for consideration and finalization by a judge. Typically, this costs significantly less than going toe to toe in court and having a judge make these important decisions for you. 

Reduced Conflict 

Mediation allows both spouses to meet with a neutral third party in a neutral setting, alleviating much of the stress of discussing divorce matters alone between just you and your spouse. Although the resulting divorce decree from both litigation and mediation is equally legally binding, the process of mediation is much more like a conversation than litigation. You can talk through your feelings about various divorce matters, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and reach a compromise about what is the best way forward for both parties. 

Divorces with less conflict are easier on children and can help them to better process difficult emotions surrounding the separation of their parents. Mediation can also enable you to preserve a cordial relationship with your ex, making co-parenting or owning and operating a business together much easier. 

Maintained Privacy 

Sometimes, divorce proceedings can become a public matter, particularly if they’re litigated. New York has stricter privacy laws for family legal matters than Connecticut does; in Connecticut, divorce petitions and decrees are usually public when filed. Mediation allows you and your spouse to avoid litigation that might compromise your privacy and security. This is particularly helpful for high-asset divorce cases, or divorces involving celebrities or high-profile individuals. 

Privacy may also be imperative to individuals involved in divorce cases with domestic violence or child abuse, or in cases of infidelity. These matters coming to light could affect your reputation, your career, and your relationships with other people, even if you are not to blame. Using mediation can be a successful strategy at maintaining more control over the public narrative of your divorce. 

Custom Divorce Solutions 

Divorces are often complicated, much more so than many couples expect. Even in situations where a couple doesn’t share children or very many assets, there can still be unique issues to work through that can be difficult to do with litigation. Mediation allows you and your spouse to come up with custom divorce solutions that are tailored to the needs of your family. For example, instead of having custody and visitation times decided for you by the court, you can come up with a co-parenting schedule that works with your job, your child’s extracurricular activities, and other events. 

Usually, Connecticut Superior Courts accept divorce decrees drafted by couples and their mediators and sign off on them, making them final. A judge won’t typically suggest changes to the divorce settlement unless it is very obviously in favor of one spouse and puts the other at an extreme disadvantage or if the agreement is not in the best interests of any minor children the couple share. 

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Heidi E. Opinsky is an experienced divorce attorney and family law advocate that can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance when dissolving your marriage with your spouse. Attorney Opinsky understands that these are challenging times for both you and your family and is committed to offering superb representation in both mediation and litigation cases. Call Heidi Opinsky for a consultation to discuss your legal needs and potential divorce strategies by calling 203-653-3542. 

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