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What is a Child Protective Proceeding in NY? │ Heidi Opinsky Law 

Getting Proper Legal Help with a Child Protective Proceeding According to the American SPCC, over 7 million child abuse reports ...
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Can I File for an Order of Protection in New York After Domestic Abuse? │ Heidi Opinsky Law

What You Need to Know About Filing for an Order of Protection in New York Domestic violence is a highly ...
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What is a Fault-Based Divorce in CT? │ Heidi Opinsky Law

Your Marriage Has to Fulfill Certain Conditions for You to File for Fault-Based Divorce If you are thinking of filing ...
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5 Important Factors a Judge Will Look at When Deciding Child Custody in CT│ Heidi Opinsky Law

Child Custody in CT is Decided by the Court, Based on Several Important Factors When going through a divorce, one ...
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Divorce and Division of Property

Divorce and Division of Property (Podcast)

In this podcast, Heidi Opinsky talks with John Maher about the division of property during a divorce. he explains what ...
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Divorce and Alimony Law

Divorce and Alimony Law (Podcast)

In this podcast, Heidi Opinsky talks with John Maher about divorce and alimony. She explains how alimony payments are determined ...
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What Common Divorce Mistakes Should I Avoid in NY? │ Heidi Opinsky Law

Reduce Conflict During Your Divorce by Avoiding These Common Mistakes Terminating a marriage permanently can get messy. Research shows that ...
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Child Support After Divorce

Child Support After Divorce (Podcast)

In this podcast, Heidi Opinsky talks with Jon Maher about child support. She explains the factors that determine the amount ...
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How to Reduce Divorce Costs in CT │ Heidi Opinsky Law

The Top 3 Ways You Can Reduce Divorce Costs Going through a divorce can get expensive. Statistics reveal that many ...
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How Can a Family Lawyer Help Me in NY? │ Heidi Opinsky Law

Whether You Need Help with a Divorce Case or a Child Custody Case, a Qualified Family Lawyer Can Help Hundreds ...
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What is the Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation in CT? │ Heidi Opinsky Law

Legal Separation May Be Undone, Whereas Divorce is the Legal Termination of Your Marriage When a couple decides to end ...
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Where’s My Child Support? : What Needs to Be Done If Child Support is Not paid in NY│ Heidi Opinsky Law

A Child Support Enforcement Action Can Help You Get the Child Support Payments You Rightfully Deserve After a divorce takes ...
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Who Has Visitation Rights After a Divorce Involving Children in CT?│ Heidi Opinsky Law

After Divorce, Parents, and Grandparents Can Apply for Child Visitation Rights The United States has the highest rate of children ...
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Can Divorce Papers be Served Online in NY? │ Heidi Opinsky Law

If You are Going through an Uncontested Divorce, You Can File for Divorce Online Divorce is becoming a common topic ...
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How to Change a Custody Agreement in CT│ Heidi Opinsky Law

A Child Custody Agreement May be Changed in Certain Cases by Taking the Necessary Legal Steps When a child custody ...
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How Do Taxes & Spousal Maintenance In NY Work? 

Learn about filing federal & NY state taxes when you are paying or receiving spousal maintenance. Get help from a ...
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