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Settlement Agreements Fairfield County

Settlement Agreements in Fairfield County CT

When circumstances have brought parties to the cusp of divorce, it often is difficult to imagine an amicably negotiated settlement. However, this is exactly what might produce the best results, with the parties getting to determine what their goals and priorities are rather than leaving it to the judge to make arbitrary determinations. Settlement agreements do need to be approved by the court, but they are a binding and effective means of resolving a divorce before it drags out for years and consumes many resources.

Once a settlement agreement has been reviewed, approved and signed by the court, it is a contract that is subject to all enforcement options, including the potential for a party to the agreement to be held in contempt of court for violations of the final divorce order. Before being approved, the agreement will need to be found to be fair and equitable, as well as in accordance with all relevant legal requirements. Working with an experienced divorce attorney will ensure that this happens.

New York and Fairfield County, CT Settlement Agreements

New York courts, as with Connecticut, allow for parties to file for divorce based upon no-fault grounds. Parties who file for no-fault divorce must assert the marriage has been irretrievably broken for at least six months (in New York). In order to obtain the final divorce decree, the couple will need to resolve all matters, including property division, spousal support, child custody, support and visitation schedules. The parties can do this through agreement or they may have to go to court to have one or more issues determined by the judge. Once there is an agreement or court determination, the court will grant the no-fault divorce.

Heidi E. Opinsky Represents Individuals In High-Asset Divorces

If parties to a divorce can reach an agreement about all the issues in a divorce, then they can avoid the financial and emotional turmoil of a protracted divorce. However, it is important to ensure that the strategy meets the unique needs of the individual. Heidi E. Opinsky and her divorce attorneys represent moderate to high net worth individuals in divorce actions. She is committed to developing the right legal plan for each client.

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