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Same-Sex Divorce

Fairfield County Same-Sex Divorce Attorney

While same-sex couples continue to fight for the right to get married in many states, same-sex marriage has been recognized in both Connecticut and New York for several years. However, as with heterosexual marriages, not all same-sex marriages will last ― some will inevitably end in divorce. When that happens, it is crucial to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible ― one who understands this ever-evolving area of family law.

Same-Sex Divorces Involving Moderate To High Net Worth Couples

Divorce can be extremely complex, particularly for couples who own significant assets. This is true regardless of whether they are a same-sex couple or not. Indeed, same-sex couples going through high-asset divorce face the same challenges as heterosexual couples. For instance, they must contend with:

However, same-sex couples also must deal with issues that their heterosexual counterparts do not face. For example, if one partner moves to a jurisdiction that does not yet recognize these unions, many legal difficulties may surface. This is another reason to seek legal counsel right away.

Experienced Legal Representation You Can Trust With Your Same-Sex Divorce

Even though many issues in a same-sex divorce may seem routine, they often require a nuanced understanding of the law and access to key resources such as financial experts. In such situations, contact Fairfield County same-sex divorce attorney Heidi E. Opinsky for personalized legal advocacy. You can reach her online or by calling 203-653-3542. With offices in both New York City and Stamford, Connecticut she assists clients throughout Greater New York and the surrounding areas, including Fairfield and Westchester counties.