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Practice Areas

Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney Fairfield County Child Custody Lawyer Fairfield County CT One of the most difficult parts of ending a marriage is deciding what is ...
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Child Support

Child Support Lawyer Fairfield County Child Support Attorney for Fairfield County When a couple has made the difficult decision to get a divorce, one of ...
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Division Of Property

Attorney for Dividing Property In Fairfield County One of the most contentious parts of any divorce is the equitable distribution of property, in which the ...
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Divorce Litigation And Alternatives

Divorce Attorney Fairfield County Understanding Divorce Litigation And Alternatives In Connecticut And New York When a couple is going through a divorce, an amicable resolution ...
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Enforcement Actions

Enforcement Actions Fairfield County Enforcing Divorce-Related Court Orders In Fairfield County And New York After a lengthy and often contentious divorce process, or during the ...
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Paternity Lawyer Connecticut & New York While many people plan to have children during marriage, sometimes, despite parents' utmost diligence, a child is born out ...
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Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Fairfield County Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Fairfield County Recognize the inherent value of protecting their property and estates. Whether through careful estate planning, ...
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Same-Sex Divorce

CT Attorney for Same-Sex Divorce While same-sex couples continue to fight for the right to get married in many states, same-sex marriage has been recognized ...
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Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements Fairfield County Settlement Agreements in Fairfield County CT When circumstances have brought parties to the cusp of divorce, it often is difficult to ...
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Spousal Maintenance, Alimony And Support

Divorce Alimony Lawyer Fairfield County Divorce Alimony Representation In Fairfield County Maintenance, support and alimony are different terms (used interchangeably herein), yet they all refer ...
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