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Learning that your spouse wants to get a divorce — or deciding that you want to get a divorce yourself — can be heartbreaking, but a Rowayton divorce attorney can help you. It can also be frightening without someone to help you navigate the process of dissolving your marriage and starting life anew. 

Here’s what you should know about reaching out to a divorce attorney in Rowayton and how an experienced family lawyer can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for your divorce. 

Are You Headed for a Fairfield County Divorce?  

Regardless of which side of the divorce you’re on, separating from your spouse is difficult. It’s likely not something you planned on doing, even if you signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement before your wedding.

Some indicators a divorce may be on the horizon include: 

  • Interactions with your spouse are mostly negative 
  • You are purposely avoiding your spouse at home 
  • You are a victim of abuse or domestic violence 
  • You are unhappy in the marriage 
  • Your spouse is unwilling to seek marriage counseling 
  • You no longer have intimacy or communication in your marriage   

How a Divorce Attorney In Connecticut Can Help You  

If you were served divorce papers or are struggling in your marriage and considering separation, you should consult with a Rowayton divorce lawyer as soon as possible. A Rowayton, CT family law firm can help you: 

Divide Property Under Connecticut Family Law  

Property division in Connecticut can be tricky since the state does not use the same standard of marital vs. separate property that other states do. 

Instead of determining which asset belonged to which spouse before the marriage and which assets were acquired during the marriage, all assets are considered marital assets and are subject to equitable distribution. This makes it even more important to work with a Connecticut family lawyer who is well versed in high asset divorces if you share a great deal of property or liquid assets with your spouse. 

If you own a business with your spouse, separating your assets can be even more challenging. You may want to sell the business and split the profits equally with your spouse, or you may want to offer your spouse a lump sum payment for their shares in the company. Your attorney can help you determine which is in your best interests. 

Establish Paternity 

If you are unmarried and share a child with your partner, you may need to formally establish biological paternity before you can file for child custody and/or support. While home paternity tests are affordable and can bring peace of mind, they are not considered admissible in Connecticut superior courts. A divorce lawyer in Rowayton can help you schedule a suitable lab test. 

Obtain Child Custody and Support 

Once paternity has been determined, noncustodial parents can file a motion to share custody of their child. Custodial parents may file a motion to obtain child support. Connecticut family law recognizes that it’s in the child’s best interests to maintain a relationship with both parents and that both parents are financially responsible for the welfare of the child. 

Calculate Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) 

A divorce lawyer in Connecticut can also help you calculate the amount of spousal support you will either pay or receive depending on the circumstances of your case. If you stand to receive alimony, your Rowayton family lawyer can help you petition the court for the highest possible amount. If you’re at risk of paying spousal support, your attorney will work to negotiate an affordable payment compared to your earnings. 

Enforce or Modify Court Orders 

Has your spouse neglected or refused to abide by court orders in your family legal case? You may be able to file a motion for the enforcement of child custody, child support, or spousal maintenance orders if your spouse does not comply. 

Court orders can also be modified if you have a substantial change in your finances that warrants a lower child support or alimony payment. Or, if your spouse gets a raise or a new job, you may be able to have support recalculated at a higher amount. 

Litigate Your Divorce 

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement about child custody, visitation, property allocation, or another divorce issue, you will likely need to litigate. This process is similar to what is seen in most divorce court shows, where both spouses meet with a judge who makes decisions for the separating couple on their behalf.  

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