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Get the Legal Support You Need From a Stamford Divorce Lawyer  

Getting a dissolution of marriage in Connecticut can seem daunting and in many ways, it is, but a divorce lawyer in Stamford, CT can help you. Even if you’re the spouse who primarily wanted to get a divorce, going through the process can be emotionally, financially, and mentally draining. It’s important that you have the support of an experienced divorce attorney in  Stamford Connecticut to help guide you through the obstacles to come. 

Understanding Connecticut Divorce Law  

Understanding divorce law in Connecticut can be intimidating; there are many dissimilarities between how a CT family law case is handled and how the same case would be handled in another state. 

For example, the state considers all property acquired during a marriage to be marital property. It does not differentiate between separate and shared property in the same way that other states do. Additionally, there are no dedicated family courts in Connecticut; the state’s Superior Courts are where various cases are heard, and which court you go to depends on where you live. 

Working with a Connecticut family lawyer can help you more easily navigate these matters, whether you’re going through a divorce or are dealing with another type of family legal issue. It’s the first step to protecting the best interests of yourself and those of your loved ones. 

What Types of Cases Can a Stamford Family Lawyer Help With? 

A divorce lawyer in Connecticut can help you with more than just dissolving your marriage. You can also get help with the following types of domestic legal matters: 

Child Custody 

Child custody matters tend to be highly emotional and when contentious, can have a significant negative impact on the children themselves. Having an attorney you trust who can work with you to propose custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your children can make your case go much more smoothly. 

During child custody negotiations with your spouse, a divorce lawyer in Stamford, CT can help you facilitate clear communication about your child’s needs and what potential arrangements will provide your child with the most family, school, and peer support. 

Child Support 

Child support matters also tend to be contentious, typically because the payor and the recipient may be at odds regarding how much is actually owed. Since child support is calculated based on the income of the payor, proof of said income is generally all that’s required to establish the amount of child support to be paid. 

However, if the recipient has reason to believe the payor is earning more than the reported amount, they can provide evidence to back up these claims. For example, witness statements that the payor is earning cash under the table or W-2s from a second job can be used to prove attempted child support fraud.  


Paternity must be established in certain Connecticut family law cases, particularly where two parents who are unmarried are separated. Legal paternity testing conducted by an accredited laboratory must be done in cases where a child’s mother is seeking support from a child’s alleged father, or a father is seeking custody and visitation rights to his alleged child. 

Property Division 

As indicated above, Connecticut handles property division quite differently from other states. The goal is still to ensure that the division of property is equitable, but there’s typically less disagreement about which asset or debt belongs to which spouse since the state considers all property, debts, and assets acquired during the marriage to be equally owned. Most often, assets are liquidated and split down the middle, or one asset is exchanged for another of equal value. 

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements 

While you might not initially think you need to visit a divorce attorney in Stamford prior to your marriage, obtaining a prenuptial agreement before you sign at the bottom of the marriage contract is an important step to protect your interests when entering into a marital union. 

If you did get married and do not have a prenuptial agreement in place, not to worry — a postnputial agreement can essentially be drafted to work the same way. Both documents are designed to protect both spouses in the event of a divorce. 

Spousal Maintenance 

Like child support and property division, family legal matters involving spousal maintenance — also called alimony — can get heated fast. There are several different types of alimony that may be available for individuals who are obtaining a dissolution of marriage in Connecticut, such as temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and permanent spousal support. 

However, even permanent support may only be permanent under certain circumstances. It’s critical to work with a seasoned Stamford, CT divorce lawyer who can help you champion for the best possible outcome for you no matter what side of the issue you may be on. 

Modification Orders 

Divorce decrees and other family law orders can be written to last for years, or even decades depending on the case. Often, job and life changes cause an outdated child or spousal support order to become untenable. Or, perhaps the payor has gotten a new job or a raise and is earning more, therefore warranting the modification of support

A petition to modify the original divorce decree, child support order, or alimony agreement can be filed by your Stamford family lawyer, but it’s important to remember that the burden of proof to show why the order should be modified is on you and your legal team. 

Benefits of Working With a Stamford, CT Divorce Lawyer 

There are numerous advantages to working with a Stamford, CT divorce attorney for your legal needs, including but not limited to: 

  • You no longer have to deal with every minute detail of your Stamford divorce case. Your family lawyer will act as a go-between and facilitate communication about your case with your spouse and/or their legal team. All correspondence regarding the divorce can be sent through your attorney, who will then inform you.  
  • Your divorce attorney can inform you of all your rights and available options. When you work with a lawyer, you don’t have to worry about misunderstanding your rights or not knowing what legal options you have. Your attorney will go over each point in your case and let you know not only what you can and can’t do according to Connecticut family law, but also what actions are likely to create the best result for you and your family. 
  • You stand a much better chance of receiving a favorable outcome when you work with a Stamford family lawyer. Having someone on your side who understands family legal procedures in CT helps you more effectively advocate for your interests. Your attorney can make you aware of critical information that impacts your case so you have the best possible chance of obtaining the verdict you want.  

Reach Out to a Stamford Family Law Firm Now  

If you’re considering getting a Connecticut divorce or are involved in another family legal matter, it’s imperative that you don’t wait to secure seasoned legal representation. Your family’s best interests and futures are on the line and you should have someone knowledgeable on your side advocating for the best outcome for you and your loved ones. 

Heidi E. Opinsky is a veteran divorce attorney in Stamford that can provide you with the comprehensive, compassionate legal representation you need during this difficult time. Our legal team is available now to assist you. 

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