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Modification of Custody In NY & CT

When a marriage ends, you must make several important decisions regarding the well-being and best interests of your children ― including decisions related to child custody. You may need to consider the modification of custody in NY & CT.

As time passes, however, circumstances may change in which your child’s best interests are no longer being served by the child custody arrangement you established during your divorce proceedings. When such situations arise, you will need to work with a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney who can help you reach the best solution for everyone involved.

Divorce attorney Heidi E. Opinsky and her colleagues at The Law Offices of Heidi E. Opinsky, LLC, are committed to helping clients with legal issues related to child custody, including modifications to custody or parenting time arrangements. Entrust your legal issues to a lawyer who will work relentlessly to exceed your expectations.

When Can A Child Custody Order Be Modified?

To be granted a child custody modification in either New York or Connecticut, you will need to prove a substantial or material change in circumstances. Whether you are able to meet this threshold depends on the situation. Examples that may qualify include:

  • When the circumstances of the child or parent have changed, including changes in health and finances
  • When one parent wishes to relocate with the child, which may limit or restrict the custodial rights of the nonmoving parent
  • When the child requests a change in custody or living arrangements, so long as the child is old enough to express such an opinion
  • When one parent has abandoned the child
  • When there is evidence of abuse or neglect

However, a change in circumstances is merely the first step in modifying child custody. As with any child custody determination, the best interests of the child are paramount and the requested change must serve those interests.

When assessing whether a custody modification is in a child’s best interests, the court will consider several factors, including the needs of the child and the parents’ ability to meet those needs. Experts such as therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers may be called upon to evaluate and study the basis for the request.

When Your Child’s Well-Being Is At Stake, Contact An Experienced Attorney

When there are substantial changes in circumstances that make modifications of an order or judgment an urgent matter, Connecticut and New York lawyer Heidi E. Opinsky and her team of experienced lawyers in the practice of divorce will act quickly to obtain the resolution you need.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Ms. Opinsky knows how to navigate the complexities and nuances of both New York and Connecticut child custody law and divorce. She has offices in New York City and Stamford, Connecticut, and assists clients throughout the surrounding areas, including Fairfield and Westchester counties. Reach out to Ms. Opinsky online or call her at 203-653-3542.