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Explaining Connecticut Marital Property Law & Property Division In Connecticut

Attorney for Marital Property Law & Property Division In Connecticut

Going through divorce is certainly never easy, and it only gets more complex when significant assets are involved under Connecticut marital property law. If you are involved in a moderate or high net worth divorce, Heidi E. Opinsky and her colleagues can answer any questions you may have about complex property division. Ms. Opinsky will work closely with a team of financial experts to help ensure that you are awarded a fair share of marital assets. No matter whether you have concerns about

Is Property Divided Differently In Connecticut?

Both Connecticut and New York are considered equitable distribution states, meaning that property is divided fairly during divorce, not necessarily 50-50. Unlike New York, however, Connecticut courts are able to divide all property owned by a couple, including property acquired before marriage (separate property) and property acquired during marriage (marital property). In most other jurisdictions, only marital property is typically subject to distribution upon divorce.

While courts in Connecticut have the authority to award separate property to either spouse, they are required to consider how the property was acquired when dividing it. As a result, courts will often end up awarding separate property to the spouse who originally owned it, unless, of course, to do so would be unfair or inequitable.

If a couple wishes to avoid a drawn-out legal dispute regarding property division, they can draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Such agreements allow you to determine how property will be distributed should you and your spouse divorce. While it can be difficult to broach the subject of a prenuptial agreement, it can prevent significant problems down the road.

Navigating Property Division In Moderate And High Net Worth Divorces

Divorces involving substantial assets present unique problems. For instance, all assets must be valued properly to ensure a fair division. While this is easy when dealing with liquid assets such as cash, it becomes increasingly complex when valuing assets such as businesses, pensions, stock options and restricted stock. Fortunately, attorney Heidi E. Opinsky works closely with appraisers and forensic accountants to determine reasonable value for all forms of property. Failing to seek such experienced guidance may leave you at a disadvantage when it comes time to negotiate a divorce settlement or present valuation evidence to the court.

Legal Representation During High-Asset Divorces

When an individual is going through a moderate or high net worth divorce, it is crucial to contact an attorney who is familiar with the process. Connecticut divorce lawyer Heidi E. Opinsky understands the countless details that must be scrutinized when dealing with moderate or high net worth divorces. With offices in both New York City and Stamford, Connecticut, she assists clients throughout Greater New York and the surrounding areas, including Manhattan, Fairfield and Westport. You can reach her online or by calling 203-653-3542.