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Ways to Tell Your Spouse You Want to Get a Divorce

Discover ways to break the news to your spouse that you want to divorce them. Contact experienced Connecticut & New York divorce attorney Heidi E. Opinsky.

There are many ways to tell your spouse that you intend to divorce them. Which is best largely depends on your situation and how you anticipate your spouse might react. Here are several options and in what circumstances you might choose each.

Tell Your Spouse In Person

You can tell your partner in person that you want to leave the marriage if you anticipate that your spouse will react neutrally or even amicably to the news. You may also have the obligation to tell your partner face-to-face if they have put a lot of effort into the marriage and/or you have been married for quite some time.

Tell Your Spouse In Writing

If you think your spouse may want to argue with you or that the divorce will turn contentious, you may want to tell them in writing. It may be better to send a letter, email, or text if you feel like your spouse will yell, talk over you, or be argumentative when breaking the news. You can continue to write to one another if this mode of communication works well for you, and it also benefits you by creating a record of what your spouse says that can be used in court if necessary.

Wait to Tell Your Spouse

There are some situations in which you may want to wait to let your spouse know you want to end the marriage. For example, if your spouse makes all the money, you may need time to get a new job before putting yourself at risk of financial harm if your spouse decides to retaliate against you.

This is also true if your spouse is abusive or you are a victim of domestic violence. It may be in the best interests of you and your children if you have them create a plan to safely get out of the marriage before notifying your spouse or even just leaving. Statistically, the most dangerous time of an abusive relationship is when the violent spouse learns their partner is leaving. Consider having your own bank account, a place to live, transportation, and income before leaving or telling an abusive spouse that you want to leave.

Have Your Divorce Attorney Tell Your Spouse 

You can also have your divorce lawyer tell your spouse that you intend to dissolve the marriage. In fact, this is one of the many benefits of hiring a family attorney to help you. Your lawyer can arrange for your spouse to be served with divorce papers and can handle communication with them or their lawyers, freeing you up to begin creating the next chapter of your life.

Instead of fighting with your spouse about property distribution or child custody, your attorney can help facilitate less stressful communication.

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