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How to Use a New York Child Support Debit Card

Many states no longer issue paper checks to custodial parents for child support payments. This was cumbersome, time-consuming, and caused numerous delays in families getting their child support funds on time. The state of New York has implemented a new way of making child support funds available to custodial parents. Here’s what to know about the New York child support debit card and how you can get help asserting your right to adequate and fair child support with the help of experienced divorce attorney Heidi Opinsky

EPPICard: The New York Child Support Debit Card  

An EPPICard is a safe, reliable, and convenient way to make and receive child support payments. Many states have adopted this method of child support payments and the EPPICard is the New York child support debit card solution. It works wherever Mastercard is accepted and functions similarly to a traditional debit card. If you do not want to use a New York child support debit card, the funds will need to be directly deposited into your checking account. If you do not have a bank account, you will need to receive your child support funds via the EPPICard. 

How Does an EPPICard Work?  

The New York State Department of Child Support Services (NYS DCSS) obtains and processes child support payments from payers either via being sent voluntary checks, wage garnishment, or another method of payment. Typically, processing takes just a couple of business days, and then the NYS DCSS loads the appropriate amount of funds onto the recipient’s EPPICard. Then, the funds can be accessed by the recipient. 

Much of this process has been automated, so it takes significantly less time to obtain child support funds after they are paid than in the past. Instead of waiting weeks for a paper check after child support payment is made by the payer, you may only have to wait a couple of days or less to access those funds. This helps make meeting the urgent needs of a child easier. 

Making Payments Using a New York Child Support Debit Card 

Making purchases and payments using the funds on your New York child support debit card is easy when you have an EPPICard. You can simply present your card to any cashier to pay for a purchase just like a traditional debit card. You can also use the card for online purchases by entering in the same information that can be found on other debit cards, including the card number, its expiration date, and the security code on the back of the card. 

Can You Get Cash With an EPPICard From an ATM?

Your EPPICard can also be used to obtain cash from an ATM machine, similarly to a debit card. Your EPPICard will come with an issued pin, which you should be able to change when you initially get the card. Once activated, you can use your EPPICard at an ATM just like any other card to check your balance and withdraw funds in cash. 

Quick Tips for Using Your New York Child Support Debit Card 

  • You must activate your EPPICard before using it 
  • You must wait for the first child support payment to be loaded to your EPPICard before using it for the first time 
  • Choose a PIN for your EPPICard that you don’t use for any other debit or credit card 
  • You can choose to run your EPPICard as a credit card and sign for the purchase instead of using your PIN, just like with a regular debit card 
  • If your card is stolen or lost, the Bank of America will compensate you for unathorized transactions

Get Help Getting Your New Your Child Support Debit Card From an Experienced Lawyer 

Matters of child support can be particularly complex and even emotional. Child support recipients want to make sure they have access to the funds they need to provide adequate care for their child, while payers want to make sure they’re not being ordered to pay more than is appropriate given the amount of their take-home pay. 
A veteran family law attorney can help you navigate these challenging issues and help you get easy, convenient access to the funds owed to you and your child by their other parent. Attorney Heidi Opinksy is a veteran, aggressive child support and divorce lawyer who is committed to helping families obtain the assistance they need to overcome the significant life changes brought about by family legal matters. Call today for a consultation to discuss your case with Ms. Opinsky or to schedule a consultation to meet with her in person by dialing 203-653-3542.