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5 Tips to Prepare for Divorce in NY│ Heidi Opinsky Law

Making the Right Choices Early-On Can Make the Divorce Process Smoother

Research shows that adults who undergo divorce have a greater chance of developing anxiety, depression, and substance abuse when compared to their married peers. (1)

Divorce can take a serious emotional and financial toll on the separating parties. It’s common for divorce to be difficult. However, there are certain steps that individuals can take to ensure the divorce process goes as smoothly as possible. When a person realizes that their marriage is now coming to an end, they should start preparing for the divorce.

Here are 5 steps individuals can take to start preparing, so they reduce the chances of facing a high-conflict divorce.

1. Protect Important Documents

The first thing all individuals should do is ensure they have all their personal documents. Any government ID, birth certificates, degrees, passports, and financial documents should be collected and kept in a safe and secure environment. Since divorce entails that at least one of the parties moves out of the home, it is vital that these documents are kept safe, so they are not lost in the moving process.

2. Gather Evidence

Secondly, anyone going through a divorce should also make sure they have a record of any evidence they may require. If the divorce is occurring due to abuse or infidelity, then all the relevant evidence should be collected and kept safe. This can include photos, text messages, or any recordings a person may have. If there was financial abuse, then all records of transactions and receipts should also be preserved as they will come in handy when the divorce is actually filed.

3. Make Appropriate Financial Arrangements

Since there will no longer be two parties supporting each other financially, it is likely that the divorcing individuals will need to secure a different job or increase their work hours so they can afford to live on their own. Proper financial arrangements should be made beforehand, so it is easier to transition to a new area of residence.

4. Get Appropriate Support

Divorce isn’t easy, and everyone needs their support circle more than ever during this difficult phase in their life. No one should have to go through the process alone. Make sure to connect with family members and friends during the divorce.

5. Hire a Qualified Lawyer 

One of the best moves a person can make for themselves when filing for divorce is to hire a qualified lawyer. The sooner a person calls an attorney, the higher their chances will be of having a smooth divorce process.

As much as a person feels like they can handle everything on their own, they need to understand that there are many legalities they may be unaware of. Being uneducated about one’s rights may lead a person to walk away from a lot of the assets which rightfully belong to them.

This is where a lawyer can step in and take over.

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