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Divorcing? Call Experienced Redding CT Divorce Lawyer Heidi Opinsky 

Divorce and separation are often necessary for the well-being of yourself and your family, but that doesn’t make them easy. In fact, they often take a significant emotional and financial toll on everyone involved. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process of dissolving your marriage alone. Here’s how experienced Redding, CT divorce lawyer Heidi Opinsky can assist you. 

Support With Your Divorce 

While the process of ending a relationship is emotional, the assistance of a qualified divorce attorney can help make it less unpleasant. They can provide guidance on matters that will impact your family’s future so you are not as fixated on the end of your relationship. A good divorce lawyer might also act as a liaison between yourself and your spouse. You can refrain from having direct contact with your spouse if necessary to help make the process go more smoothly. 

Your attorney will explain how assets are handled once a marriage is dissolved. Each partner may have brought personal property into the marriage, while others may have amassed assets on their own with the protection of a prenup or postnup. Your lawyer is there to provide you with comprehensive support with your divorce, from the beginning of the process to the final divorce settlement. 

Getting Custody of Your Children 

If you have children with your partner, you will need to go through the process of obtaining custody or visitation depending on your situation. If you and your partner agree on who will have primary physical custody of the children, who will have legal custody, and what visitation will look like for the noncustodial parent, the custody process will generally be much easier than if you do not. If you and your partner do not agree about who should spend the most time with the child or who is the most appropriate caregiver for the child, you may need to mediate or litigate child support with the help of an experienced attorney. 

Paying & Receiving Child Support or Alimony 

Although Connecticut state law does not force you to retain an attorney to manage your child support dispute, it is a smart idea to do so in most, if not all, cases. Engaging a local family lawyer may appear to be a waste of money, but in regard to child support issues, the expense is generally well worth it given how much effort and time it saves you, particularly if you are litigating the matter.  

If you have a challenging case, you may have few other options than to hire a lawyer. For example, if your ex disagrees with custody arrangements or when visitation takes place, a lawyer would be most prepared to persuade the judge to decide in your favor. In many situations, this can mean the difference between spending time with your kids or just paying for them. 

Reach Out to Attorney Opinsky Now for Help WIth Your Connecticut Divorce 

Heidi E. Opinsky is a highly qualified Connecticut divorce attorney who has the knowledge and expertise to offer you high-quality family law services. Amending family court actions after they have already been settled may be time-consuming and costly. When important choices regarding custody, child support, and visitation are being made, it’s vital to seek the professional help you need right away.

Attorney Opinsky can assist you with navigating many phases of obtaining a divorce or separation in Redding, CT, from the initial divorce filing to the final divorce decree. By phoning 203-653-3542, you can schedule a private consultation with attorney Heidi Opinsky to discuss your situation. 

About Redding, Connecticut 

Redding, CT is a quaint town that sits in Fairfield County, east of Monroe and west of Ridgefield. Its population is just under 9,000, making it popular for families to live just outside the city. Although Redding isn’t a coastal town, it still has plenty of old Connecticut charm. The annual income here tends to be higher than in other areas of the county, although not as high as in the cities or metropolitan areas. The town is proud to rank fourth in the top 28 most wealthy U.S. communities.