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Efficiently Filing and Serving Papers for Divorce Can Be Optimized with the Help of a Lawyer

Going through a divorce and ending the dreams and lifestyle you thought you would maintain forever is never easy. As much as you may want to get this painful process over with as soon as possible, your divorce case will require some patience on your behalf.

If your divorce case does not require you to see a judge, then it is possible that your divorce may be granted in as little as 35 days. (1)  However, not all cases are this straightforward and it is likely that you will find your divorce extending on for months, or possibly even years. If you want to streamline your divorce process and ensure that all your matters are resolved as soon as possible, there are certain steps you need to take.

One of the best ways to ensure a quick and smooth divorce is to file and serve all the correct documents on time and in accordance with legal best practices. A qualified family lawyer will guide you on what forms you need to fill out and what supporting documents are required. It is essential you get the help of an attorney with this step, as one small mistake can turn your case around and cause it to extend onwards for a very long period of time.

After completing all the forms, you will have to take them to the Superior Court Clerk’s office in the district where your spouse lives. It is at this point that the date of which your divorce case officially starts is decided. It is also at this point that the clerk will let you know if your application for waiving fees was accepted or not. Once the clerk signs the Summons and returns it to you, your spouse can agree to sign a notarized Certification of Waiver of Service Process. If they do not, then you will have to bring your paperwork to a State Marshal and pay a fee so the marshal can serve your spouse the divorce papers. 

It is important to keep in mind that the State Marshal must be in the judicial district where your spouse either works or lives.

What Happens After Divorce Papers Are Served in CT?

Once your spouse has been served the divorce papers and you obtain proof from the marshal that the papers were served, you must inform the clerk by sending them the Return of Service documents. Filing and serving the divorce papers are some of the most important steps of your divorce case, however, everything that comes afterward is also of high importance.

Your spouse will next respond with their answer. This answer will let you and the court know whether they agree or disagree with the complaints and if they have their own reasons to want a divorce. If your spouse does not file an Appearance or an answer, then your divorce will be categorized as an uncontested divorce.

Financial disclosures will also have to be given by both parties. This step is highly technical and should only be done with the help of a qualified attorney.

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Filing for divorce is the first step to a new life. However, there is a lengthy legal process that must be followed to ensure you walk away with your needs and rights being respected.

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