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Going through the process of getting a divorce in Fairfield County is often lengthy, frustrating, and even heartbreaking. You never intended your marriage to fail, however, now that the best step forward is dissolving your legal union, it’s important to know how to protect your family’s interests. Here’s what you should know about Connecticut divorce law and how a Westport family law firm can assist you.  

How a Westport Connecticut Divorce Attorney Can Help You  

Dealing with the process of getting a dissolution of marriage in Connecticut Superior courts can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive. When you work with an experienced attorney, you can increase the chances of obtaining a favorable settlement. 

A Westport divorce lawyer can help you: 

Get the Alimony You Deserve 

If you’re the lesser earning spouse in a divorce, alimony is likely to be a critical aspect of your separation. Spousal support is designed to help bridge the gap between married and independent life, affording you time to learn new skills or obtain additional job training. 

A Westport, CT family law firm can help you pursue adequate spousal maintenance after you decide to get a divorce. Connecticut offers three types of alimony: temporary, rehabilitative, and open-ended. Temporary alimony is generally awarded during the divorce, while rehabilitative and open-ended alimony are awarded once a divorce is finalized. Open-ended support is the least commonly awarded and is what other states consider “permanent” alimony. 

Fight for Custody of Your Children 

A Westport, CT divorce attorney can help you understand how child custody works in Connecticut and how to advocate for the best interests of your children. If you and your spouse do not agree on how custody and visitation should be divided between the two of you, your lawyer can help you fight for custody arrangements that best meet the needs of your children. 

Establish Paternity 

In many family law cases, it’s necessary to establish legal paternity in order to award custody, visitation, and child support. This must be done carefully and by an accredited hospital or laboratory to be considered legally admissible in a Connecticut Superior court. Your Westport divorce attorney can assist you with obtaining acceptable proof of paternity, regardless of which side of the child custody and support matter you are on. 

Divide Marital Assets Fairly 

Connecticut considers all property and assets acquired during the marriage marital property and therefore subject to equitable distribution laws, which is quite different from how other neighboring states like New York handle the division of marital assets. It’s important to work with a divorce lawyer in Connecticut who understands these differences and how they can dictate which spouse gets what in a Westport dissolution of marriage. 

Enforce Court Orders 

If your spouse refuses to follow court orders for child custody and visitation, child support, or spousal maintenance, an experienced divorce attorney in Connecticut can help you enforce them. Your lawyer can issue a letter to your spouse insisting they comply and outlining the consequences if they don’t, which is often enough to motivate noncompliant spouses. However, if your spouse continues to neglect their court-ordered responsibilities, your attorney can help you pursue additional enforcement action

Obtain a Prenuptial Agreement 

Prenuptial agreements can help protect you as you enter into a legal marital union. If you’re already married and don’t have a prenup, a postnuptial agreement can be drafted in its place. Both of these legally binding agreements can help ensure that in the event of a divorce, you are treated fairly and given the opportunity to successfully become independent before losing access to marital benefits. 

A divorce lawyer in Westport can help you learn what can and can’t be included in a prenuptial agreement and draft a contract that protects your best interests. Your spouse should consult their own attorney regarding the agreement and both parties should be on the same page before the contract is signed. 

Get a Same Sex Divorce  

If you’re in a same sex marriage and are considering divorce, it’s important to work with a divorce attorney in Westport who is sensitive to the unique issues divorcing LGBTQ+ individuals face. Often, traditional approaches to child custody and spousal support do not serve the best interests of LGBTQ+ divorcees and their children. A seasoned attorney with specific experience in same sex divorce is one of your most valuable assets when going through the dissolution of a gay marriage. 

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