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What Is the Cost of Getting a Divorce in New York State?

Many people assume that a divorce is inherently very expensive. In many cases, this is not an incorrect assumption. Divorce can be costly for a number of different reasons and how much one costs overall is impacted by several different factors. Here’s what to know about the cost of getting a divorce in New York state and how you can get help from a New York divorce lawyer to manage costs and get the best possible results for your money. 

Factors That Impact How Much It Costs to Get a Divorce In New York State 

Whether or not you can settle your case or if it requires litigation. 

Divorce cases that can be settled out of court are typically much less expensive than cases that require litigation. The more contentious your divorce is, meaning the more issues you and your spouse disagree on that require resolution, the more expensive your divorce is likely to be. 

If you share children with your spouse and need to go through the child custody and support process. 

NY child custody is a long, drawn out, and emotional process that can easily become contentious if you and your spouse disagree on various matters like who your child will primarily live with, where they will go to school, and when visitation will take place. These negotiations take time, which naturally increases the cost of getting a divorce in New York. 

If you have a high net worth divorce. 

If you and your spouse have a lot of assets, or assets worth a lot of money, you need to protect these assets and ensure you receive your fair share with the help of a high asset divorce attorney. Your spouse may attempt to hide or conceal assets, forcing you to bring a forensic accountant on board to uncover hidden assets so they may be fairly distributed. The more you stand to gain financially from your divorce – or the more you stand to lose – the more you will pay to protect your interests. 

If your spouse is being contentious for the sake of it.  

When you have a highly contentious divorce, and your spouse argues about every possible matter for the simple sake of exacting control over the separation, this can quickly become pricey. Your attorney intercepts communication from your spouse’s attorney and fields phone calls and email messages to determine which are the most important for you to see. Your New York divorce lawyer will have to spend a lot of time jumping through hoops when a vengeful spouse decides to be contentious and fight every little matter in the divorce just to be contrary. 

If you have to absorb debt in the divorce settlement. 

The equitable distribution definition includes both the fair division of assets and the fair division of debts. If you and your spouse share a lot of debt, or you took debt in your own name during the divorce, you may be ordered to pay some or all of what is owed. Depending on how much debt you have, this can make your divorce exponentially more expensive overall. 

If you have to pay alimony. 

In some cases, the lesser earning spouse may have a right to alimony or spousal support under NY divorce law. For example, if one spouse gave up their education or their job to take care of the family home and/or raise children, they may be entitled to seek alimony for a period of time determined by the divorce court. If you are ordered to pay spousal support, this can increase the cost of your divorce in New York state. 

Is Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Worth It When Getting a Divorce in New York State? 

Naturally, hiring an attorney inherently increases the cost of getting a divorce in New York state. However, attempting to file a divorce on your own with no legal support can end up costing you much more in the long run. The most effective way to save money on the cost of dissolving your marriage is to ensure that all avenues of marital restitution that may be available to you have been exhausted. 

Heidi Opinsky is an experienced divorce lawyer in Manhattan that understands the complexities of high net worth divorces and how to manage the overall cost of getting a divorce in New York state. She is a veteran, aggressive divorce litigator that has the skills and expertise needed to help you obtain the best possible resolution in your divorce. 

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